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-Contains 10 natural ingredients to protect skin balance

- Add squalane to rejuvenate the skin

- Quickly penetrate, the three little drops of super power


-十种天然成分, 保护肌肤大平衡

- 角鯊烷置入, 令肌肤重煥活力

- 三滴入魂, 小精华的超能力

Natural Brightening- Plus Essence 原点钻白精华

  • - Warm hands after using natural hipro VC induced milky lotion with placentin,

    - Take three drops of essence to the palm

    - Smear evenly on the face, gently press on to make it fully absorbed by the skin

     - 使用原点高效VC 诱导胎盘化妆水乳开而后, 温热双手

    - 将三滴精华滴于掌心

    - 均匀涂于面部,手掌按压吸收

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