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- The viscous texture that fully adhere to the skin once spreads Principle of spontaneous heat, massage detoxification to eliminate edema The union of greenery and essential oil to brighten skin and eliminate bacterium With strong adhesive properties it can improve the facial expression very well with massage


- 黏性质地推开即充分密着肌肤

- 自发热原理 按摩排毒消除水肿

- 绿色植物美容油配合 亮肤除菌

- 粘合性强, 配合按摩可以很好提升面部轮廓

D- GREEN Detoxification cleansing green gel D-GREEN 排毒净化绿膜

  • - After facial clearning with the natural sakura watery soap, take 2- 3 cherry-size blob of green gel pack ( or mix with 506 gel cream) to the palm.

    - Rub the green gel with palms until it gets slightly hot.

    - Wear the green gel to the face with finger or scraper. green gel

    - Massage with upward strokes according to facial meridian texture.

    - Then rinse it with water

    - 使用原点水櫻肌皂洁面后, 取2- 3颗樱桃大小绿膜于掌心

    - 用手掌揉搓绿膜至微微发热

    - 用手指或者刮板将绿膜涂于面部

    - 按照面部经络纹理提升按摩

    - 用流动水清洗面部绿股

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