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- Stem cell eye essence gel- Rich in PhytoCellTecessence, activating the body' s own " self- healing function" - Micro- electric container with micro vibration at 3000 revolutions per second, absorption rate up to 98%


- 富含苹果干细胞精华, 激活人体自身的"自愈功能"

- 每秒3000 转微报的微电式瓶身导入,吸收率高达98%

- 锌合金按摩头,体感温度瞬间降温1.5倍, 全方位贴合眼周肌肤, 安抚消肿


D/ AMO 10 x Stem Cell Essence Eye Gel D/AMO 10 倍干细胞精华眼凝露 - u幹細胞

  • -After the natural gel cream ( milk + essence + water cream) in the morning and evening

    - Take soybean size of gel, evenly spread around the eyes

    - Use micro- Electric introduction apparatus massage the skin around the eyes for 1- 2 minutes

    -每日早晚, 于原点水霜护理(水乳→精华→水霜)后

    - 挤出黄豆粒大小额露,均匀涂抹于眼周

    -使用微电导入头接触, 按摩眼周皮肤:1-2 分钟

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