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- Combining of toner and lotion, enhance the effectiveness of perfect skin Rich in fullerenes, APPS, placentin, which help perfect skin and remove free radicals Glow back to the wonder of baby skin


- 水乳一体, 提升美肌效力

- 富含富勒烯、APPS、胎盘素, 有效美肌, 去自由基

- 闪耀回归婴儿状态的肌肤奇迹



Natural hipro VC induced milky lotion with placentin 原点高效VC 诱导胎盘化妆水乳

  • - Warm hands after facial cleaning with the natural sakura watery skin soap

    - Get a cherry- size blob of toing lotion spread in the palm then evenly massage over the face

    - Evenly massage over the face, press with finger pulp until fully absorbed

    - 使用原点水徑櫻肌皂清洁面部后, 温热双手

    - 取樱桃大小水乳在手掌中晕开, 均匀涂于面部

    - 均匀涂于面部, 指腹按压至全部吸收

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