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- Using flower petals and leaves of Japan' s most famous Somelyoshino sakura.

- Refining sakura flavones extract with functionsof beauty and anti- saccharification and lots of natural vitamins. More tham 40% NMF natural moisturizing factor combined with three kinds high fatty acids, which neutralize the alkaline of soap, to prevent sebum membrane and nourish skin.Build the skin capacity of anti- inflammatory and anti- oxidation. 


-选取日本最著名的染井吉野樱花花瓣与枝叶,提炼具有美容、抗糖化功能的樱花黄酮精粹与大量天然维生素, 高达40% 以上的 NMF 天然保湿因子配合三种高级脂肪酸,可中和皂中碱性, 不伤害皮脂膜井滋养肌肤。 打造皮肤抗炎能力与抗氧化力。

Natural sakura watery skin soap 原点水樱肌皂

  • - After removing the makeup with the natural hyaluronic acid makeup remover gel, wet the face with running water

    - Make rich foam with sakura watery skin soap by a foaming net or palm

    - Apply foam over face and massage thoroughly then rinse it off with water

    - 使用原点玻尿酸卸妆咕卸妆后, 用流动水淋湿面部

    - 将水樱肌皂用起泡网或手掌打出丰富泡沫

    - 将泡沫涂抹在面部, 充分按摩

    - 用水将面泡沫冲洗干净

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