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 -Contains alpinia leaves extract essence, effectively inhibit the saccharification reaction. Gel with Chinese prescription essence to quickly repair the sunburned skin. Highly hydrolyzed ingredients that penetrate into the bottom of the skin to relieve allergic symptoms. 


- 月桃叶提取精华,有效抑制糖化反应

- 汉方精华调配啫喱,迅速保护晒伤肌肤

- 高度水解成分直达肌底, 缓解过敏症状



Natural cool aroma gel pack 原点抗氧修复冻膜

  • - After facial cleaning with the natural sakura watery soap, take 2- 3 cherry- size blob of gel pack ( or mix with 50% gel cream) to the palm.

    - Evenly smear some gel pack ( gel pack & gel cream mixture) to face

    - Leave to rest for 20- 30 minutes. - Then rinse it with water

    - 使用原点水潤肌皂洁面后, 取2- 3颗樱桃大小冻膜于掌心(可混合 50% 水霜)

    - 将冻膜(冰膜|水霜混合物)均匀涂抹于整个面部

    - 静置20-30 分钟

    - 用传动水清洗面部冰膜 

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